Mitch Marner’s Underappreciated Greatness — Staturday Weekly Column #18

What can be said about great players that hasn’t already been said? Especially around these parts. Those players who see themselves leading the Maple Leafs in some capacity can’t escape media attention. It’s the nature of being part of the NHL team with the largest fanbase: the more fans there are, the more media coverage can be consumed. It’s simple economics. Supply and demand.
Acknowledging that, I have to ask: how is it that Mitchell Marner has gone underappreciated? This is a player who was highly drafted, playing an important role, and yet the positive coverage is always on Auston Matthews. The negative coverage, too, misses Marner. It’s quite an interesting spectacle: when bad times come, Marner is a player who can’t be disrespected like William Nylander is constantly, or John Tavares is occasionally. At the same time, he also doesn’t see the glow-ups that Matthews does, or Morgan Rielly, or Jack Campbell, in the good times.
Look at the most recent stories featuring Marner: how he experienced Auston Matthews getting drafted; or about how great his mullet looks.
It’s not just me who sees this trend, Kristen Shilton made the very …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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