MLB Draft Day 2, live article – Blue Jays selections, analysis, and more!

Hey y’all, welcome to the second day of the draft, where teams will be selecting round 3 through round 10.

If you missed the articles last night, you can click on these four links to learn about each of the picks:
The Toronto Blue Jays select Brandon Barriera with the 23rd overall pick
The Toronto Blue Jays select Josh Kasevich with the 60th overall pick
The Toronto Blue Jays select Tucker Toman with the 77th overall pick
The Toronto Blue Jays select Cade Doughty with the 78th overall pick
The Jays first pick of the day comes with the 98th overall, 18 picks into the day. After that, they will pick every 30 picks.
Some names still on the board include Trey Dombroski, Ben Joyce, Nazier Mule, Cameron Smith and quite a few others.
It’s likely that they Jays won’t pick big names, as they’ll have to under slot quite a few players due to Tucker Toman picked 77th overall.
If I had top give a grade for their Day 1 drafting, it would have to be at the very least and A. The lowest ranked prospect they drafted yesterday according to MLB Pipeline was the 67th ranked prospect, so definitely expect a lot of “small” named players (who the Jays do well with.

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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