MLB proposed a 14-team expanded post-season format in recent CBA discussions

Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association are working on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement as the current one comes to an end on December 1.

There are a whole bunch of issues that will be involved in negotiations. Labour-related things like service time manipulation and when players can first reach free agency are going to be hot-button issues, while other things such as the post-season format and the universal designated hitter are things that fans will be more interested in talking about.
According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, MLB has proposed expanding the post-season field to include 14 teams. Here’s who it would work…
Seven teams from each league make the post-season.
The top team in each league gets a bye through the wild-card round.
The two other division winners and the top wild-card team host a three-game series.
The two division winners in the wild-card round get to choose the opponent they’ll host from the pool of the three non-hosting wild-card teams.
The three winners from this wild-card round move on to the divisional round.
The goal here is for MLB to expand the post-season, which would, of course, increase television and sponsorship revenue. More games, especially in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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