MLB’s newest 2020 plan involves a universal DH and an expanded post-season

After weeks of speculating and floating ideas out into the public with varied responses, it appears that Major League Baseball has a plan to get its season started.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the 30 MLB owners have voted to approve a proposal for the 2020 season. On Tuesday, the proposal will be sent to the MLB Players’ Association for approval.
The proposal that the owners voted on on Monday was based largely around a new revenue-sharing plan that would have the league share 48 percent of its revenue with the players. Figuring out some kind of equilibrium on the economics of the 2020 season (without fans in the stadiums buying tickets and merchandise and concessions) was the first step to getting the season started.
Beyond the money stuff, MLB’s plan for a 2020 season involves…

An 82-game schedule
Maintaining the two-league, six-division format
Teams playing within in their division and with their corresponding geographical National League division
30-man active rosters with a 20-player taxi squad
A 14-team expanded post-season field
The goal of Opening Day happening between July 1 and 4

The interesting thing here is how MLB is shoehorning in two key changes, the universal DH and an expanded post-season …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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