MLB’s newest economic pitch again aims to make the players look bad

Since MLB’s revenue-sharing plan was shot down, the league has since countered with a brand-new proposal that would see the highest-paid players take massive pay cuts to compensate for the inevitable lost revenues of a shortened 2020 season without fans in stadiums.

To backtrack a little bit, back in mid-May, MLB put together a proposal for the Players’ Association that would have seen the owners and the players split the revenue from the season down the middle. The season would be 82 games, the playoffs would be expanded, teams would only play geographical rivals, and the designated hitter would be universal. None of those details matter very much. What’s important here, naturally, is money.
It seems like years ago at this point, but, back in March when the season was originally delayed due to the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the league and the players agreed to a labour plan that, among other things, would see players earn a pro-rated percentage of their salaries in the event of a shortened season. So, hypothetically, if the 2020 season was cut in half, a player would make half as much as they were supposed to. Simple enough.
Since that …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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