Montoyo on Giles: “We called from the bench and he said he was fine.”

Opening weekend was a rollercoaster for the Blue Jays.

The team’s inspiring 6-4 win on Friday brought on some serious optimism about the team’s chances this season. And, as a result, that win and its subsequent optimism made Saturday and Sunday’s back-to-back losses all the more frustrating.
The target of Blue Jays fans’ frustration? Charlie Montoyo.
First, it was Montoyo’s questionable bullpen management that made him the target of criticism. With the game tied 1-1 in the eighth inning, Montoyo opted to bring in mop-up guy Sam Gaviglio to hold the tie. Gaviglio, as you’d expect from a guy who doesn’t have the stuff to pitch in these types of situations, got smacked around, surrendering three runs.
The Gaviglio thing was frustrating because it seemed that everyone other than Montoyo could see that he wasn’t going to thrive in that situation. But, to be fair, this was more ill-advised than it was egregious. There weren’t many options available and Montoyo wanted to see how Gaviglio could perform in a one-inning role. So long as this doesn’t happen again, it …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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