My annual plea for a 3 forward/1 defenseman penalty kill

I’m going to start off by admitting I know I’m fighting a losing battle here. Ultimately I hope I will win the war but I’m pretty that’s years away from happening.
Last year I took my long held beliefs about the penalty kill public with this post (most of which I will be regurgitating in this one) and despite getting a few nodding heads from some of the more progressive internet hockey minds, the post was lost time and long time reader Mike Babcock never chose to implement my ideas, not even in a preseason setting.
On the chance that he was busy the day the post went up I’ve decided to rehash a number of the ideas below and share why the time is now for a great chance in the way penalties are killed.
Other than that, why bring it up again?

Just how bad is the @MapleLeafs playoff PK?
There have been 26 different teams in the playoffs over the last 3 seasons.
The Leafs PK ranks 26th, that’s dead last at just 64.8%.@TSNHockey
— Gino Reda (@GinoRedaTSN) April 22, 2019
Oh yeah, the penalty kill wasn’t working. With the departures of Hainsey, Brown and …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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