My goodness, Vladdy just went absolutely nuclear on the Nationals

When Max Scherzer is starting for the other team, you sorta kinda accept that it’s more than likely going to be a scheduled loss and that it’s going to be a bit of a slog watching your team get mowed down. That is absolutely not what happened on Tuesday night.

Amidst the general frustration that Springer Day was cancelled, Vlad Jr. absolutely went off. He drilled two bombs, including a grand slam, off of Scherzer and then added another homer later in the game to complete the hat-trick. Holy shit, what a spectacle. Just in case there was still an inkling of doubt left out there, yes, Vladdy has arrived.
Here’s one:

A #PLAKATA, but make it G R A N D
— Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) April 28, 2021

Here’s two:

Video Game Vlad does it AGAIN
— Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) April 28, 2021

Here’s three:

He’s here
— Toronto Blue Jays (@BlueJays) April 28, 2021

Things worth mentioning…

The Blue Jays absolutely pounded the ball on Tuesday night, coming up with eight of the game’s nine hardest exit velocities. There’s Vlad, …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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