News and Notes: Andersen’s struggles continue in Pittsburgh, Leafs have shown interest in Adam Larsson, among others

In a season defined by low points, here’s yet another.

Last night’s loss showed the difference between a legitimate Stanley Cup contender and a pretender. You can make excuses for the Leafs all you’d like about how they haven’t had their ideal, healthy lineup, but the Penguins were without Evgeni Malkin last night and they walked past the Leafs without much trouble. There’s a stunning difference between the willingness of these two teams to find a way to win, as corny as that sounds.
The last time the Leafs got slammed by the Penguins, it represented pretty much the end of the line for Mike Babcock, who was ultimately fired a few days later. This time, there’s no coach to shoulder blame. Tuesday night’s 5-2 loss is on the players.
With the loss, the Leafs now sit just two points up on the Florida Panthers in the playoff race despite having played two more games. The nightmare of missing the playoffs is becoming more and more real and the team hasn’t shown much urgency to do anything about it.
Toronto went down 2-0 in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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