News and Notes as the Blue Jays host the Rays in Buffalo

We’re already one-quarter of the way through this miniature season.

Amazingly, despite having the fewest wins in the American League (tied with Boston with six) the Blue Jays are very much so still hilariously in the playoff hunt. That’s what happens when you double the playoff field.
The Jays are 6-9 and that record, as we know, could easily be much better if not for some ugly, heartbreaking losses. But, maybe we have to accept that’s just who these Blue Jays are. They’re a young, mistake-prone team and frustrating, avoidable losses comes with the territory.
Regardless, the Jays will host the Tampa Bay Rays this weekend for a difficult American League East series. Tampa just finished kicking the everloving shit out of the Red Sox this weekend and they’ve won six straight, putting them at 12-8 after a slowish start to the season.
Taking two of three against a red-hot Rays team would go a long way in helping forget about some of those losses we’ve seen recently. It won’t be easy to cool off this offence, though!

The Rays outscored the Red Sox 42-22 in …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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