News and Notes: Mikheyev out long-term, Matthews unavailable for the first week, and Canadiens claim Brooks off waivers from Maple Leafs

The 2021-22 NHL season starts tomorrow, and for the Toronto Maple Leafs, they start Wednesday when they host the Montreal Canadiens, so it’s only fitting that a lot of important news breaks just days before their season begins, right? Well, sit tight, because we got you covered with the latest news and notes from the Maple Leafs just days before the season kicks off. With the Ilya Mikheyev injury scare to the questions surrounding Auston Matthews come opening night to even the crazy waiver wire that was yesterday, we finally have all the answers we were all looking for.
Mikheyev injury
For starters, let’s talk about the Ilya Mikheyev injury scare we witnessed in their last preseason game against Ottawa. He got hit into the boards during the first period and then looked like he fell awkwardly on his wrist. He got up on his own which was a good thing to see but he never returned to the Leafs’ bench in the first period and then was later announced by the Leafs PR on Twitter that he would not return to the game due to an injury.
That initial tweet from the Leafs PR right before the …

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Author: Joseph Zita / The Leafs Nation

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