NHL 20 Predicts the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs

EA Sports’ NHL series holds a special place in my heart, mostly in that it’s the only game that I love and hate playing at the exact same time. One of the things the series boasts is it’s realistic sim engine, which has definitely improved over the years. So what better way to get ready for the playoffs than by using the game to try and predict the outcome of this year’s playoffs. Will it be accurate? Probably not. But, hey, it’s fun.
Of course, this is a lot harder than “create a playoff mode and sim it” because NHL 20 does not have a 24 team playoff mode complete with a round robin tournament for the top eight teams, and best-of-five series for the remaining 16 teams. Who would’ve guessed? So instead I had to individually sim and record the stats for the round robin tournaments, and the qualifying rounds to determine the teams and the seedings for the actual 16 team playoff mode. So, a bit more work to get this done.
I’ll be a bit more specific with the Leafs’ adventures, but I’ll …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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