NHL needs to make right call on rule changes that could come out of GM meetings

The NHL General Managers meetings have begun in Florida, and already we’re discussing possible rule changes that might come from this get-together.
On Monday, the 32 GMs were put into four groups of eight, discussing a number of hot-button issues around the NHL. A few topics were talked about, one of which was expanding the coaches challenge for high sticks and puck over the glass penalties.
“They’re talking about it,” Darren Dreger said during TSN’s General Managers meetings segment on Monday. “Two specific areas. One is an ongoing look at high sticks. We know that for a double minor for high-sticking, there can be a call upon review and they can rescind the call down to a two-minute minor.
“Okay, well what about high-sticking in general? To make sure there isn’t a phantom high stick? Now, there can be as many as 700 high-sticking incidents over the course of a season, so there are some concerns. What would a coaches challenge look like?
“On top of that, what about puck over glass, right? Make sure it’s the right call opposed to assessing a penalty. Could that be a coaches challenge? Those are things being discussed, but nothing is etched in stone at this point.”
This obviously is a big issue and it’s definitely a good idea to make the right …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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