On the eve of the season we’re reaching the end of the captaincy drama

The captaincy is something that seems to be important to a lot of people but isn’t something that is particularly important. Hockey teams have always had captains. The Leafs as a long time franchise have used the position as somewhat of an honour, and it has come to symbolize a level of prestige for that player making their tenure as a Leaf particularly standout. For the most part the names associated with the captaincy of the Leafs are associated with greatest, but the wheels seemed to come off that notion during the Phaneuf/Burke era, where Phaneuf was never particularly good, wasn’t a particularly standout player in the organization, and seemingly had the title handed to him for being a proud Burke acquisition who liked to turn the music up in the locker room.
The Sundin captaincy was different. Listening to Jeff O’Neill tell tales of his Leaf days, Sundin seemed to be the social committee, the big brother, the role model, and no one questioned that he was the leader on the team, even when the team had talent beyond just Mats. Sundin is probably one of those leaders, like George Armstrong that particularly standout as …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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