Page 6ix Wednesday, March 17th: Gord Miller fans stand up!

I want to make this entire post about Gord Miller taking on Barstool, but I suppose there are other things I can discuss from this past week in hockey, too. If I have to. So we’ll get to Gord shortly. First – let’s take a look at what else happened around the hockey world this week, though it won’t be anywhere near as fun!
Leafs Lads
Remember Saturday’s Leafs game against the Jets? It sucked, and was awful. But at the end of the game when the Leafs took a ridiculous penalty, coach Sheldon Keefe went off! We had not yet seen Keefe unleashed, but now we have. I am weirdly good at reading lips, so below I translate exactly what it was Sheldon yelled that got him an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty:

“Graham. GRAHAM. That happens 50 times a game! That happens 50 times a game and you fucking call it now? Fuck you, Graham!”
— Mer (@MerOutLoud) March 14, 2021

Meanwhile, the tweet below is fake and Sheldon was not fined, but I honestly would not have minded if he was:

Leafs’ coach Sheldon Keefe fined $25,000.
— …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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