Picking apart this awful Blue Jays and Yankees trade suggestion

Disclaimer: This article is for fun. What I’ll be putting on blast is the idea of the tweet itself, not the man behind it. While the idea is dumb, that doesn’t make the man behind the tweet stupid, dumb or any other mean word. If you decide to ratio him, make sure that it’s in a playful manner, because being a meanie on Twitter isn’t cool.

The tweet heard around the Baseball World:
Do you ever just read a short form media post and figure that the world is actually burning? Well, then you know the feeling I had when I woke up this morning and read this tweet.

First and foremost the Yankees have to fix this shortstop situation. Why is this still a thing?! The fact that they do not have a franchise shortstop to man the position still blows my mind. Isn’t this the same organization Derek Jeter aka “The Captain” played 20 straight… pic.twitter.com/irfMJDn8M5
— Xavier Scruggs (@Xavier_Scruggs) January 18, 2022

Not a big issue, right? I recently worked on an article that went through each AL East team’s infield, and while Gio Ureshela should not be a starter, he suffices as a utility player. However, the Yankees have one of the worst infields in the East and with Gio Urshela starting at short, that is a position needing of an upgrade.
Instead of going down the usual path of “oh, let’s just spend half a billion dollars on [insert player name here]”, Xaiver decides to tweet that the Yankees should look for a replacement through trade. His suggestion? Well, read below

Bo Bichette and Bobby Witt Jr. #eXamineIt and Get it done. Let me know what you think! pic.twitter.com/5A6V3suD7j
— Xavier Scruggs (@Xavier_Scruggs) January …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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