Pierre LeBrun pouring a bit more gas on the Zaitsev and Marleau fires

If the Marner contract is the 1A storyline for the Leafs this summer, then moving out Zaitsev and Marleau has to be the 1B story. If those are the 1A & 1B stories, than trying to find a right shooting defenseman is probably the 1C story.
This morning on TSN 1040 in Vancouver, Pierre LeBrun addressed 1B & 1C, which will directly impact the ability to complete 1A:
On Marleau:
Depends on which team you talk to. Obvious LA is where Patrick Marleau would prefer to go in all of this and he’s driving the bus, right? He’s got the full no move so… and his wife is in California. I think as I reported Friday if the Kings are going to go down the route I still don’t have any evidence that for sure this will end up in a transaction but if it does happen I think the Leafs are going to have to take back someone with term. Marleau has one year left with a big number, but I think the Kings are willing to absorb that for getting a prospect from the Leafs and getting the Leafs to take something with term that is maybe a …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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