Please NHL, put us out of our misery and announce the Hub Cities already

Living in Edmonton I feel like I’m in the one city that remotely cares about this Hub City saga. The Premier has hilariously shared videos of the province where all the footage is four hours away from the flat prairie city in which the players would be locked down. The media provides daily updates on the status of the Hub City bid, and there seems to be a resentment towards the league if they choose to go with any location that has been strong in its containment of COVID-19. Perhaps that last point is a valid one, but if you’re putting a bubble around the hockey community, it probably doesn’t matter as much about what city they use along as they are effective in maintaining the bubble.
Long story short, I suspect that everyone outside of Edmonton doesn’t care where they play, and either falls into the camps of
A) Just name the cities and get on with it already.
B) For the love of God, just cancel it and let’s try for a 2020-21 season when we’re all feeling better about this.
Admittedly, I’ve shifted …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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