Please stop asking opposition players how to fix the Leafs

Every now and then a new annoying trend in sports occurs. For the past couple of seasons that trend seemed to be podcasting, but now something new has emerged, and it’s the Toronto media asking any player with a cup ring what is wrong with the current version of the Maple Leafs.
As a starting point, I want to acknowledge that there are plenty of things wrong with a team as talented as the Leafs failing to win 50% of their games so far this season. It warrants the question, what’s going wrong? I would however argue that the locker room where it makes sense to ask that question is the home team’s room at the Scotiabank Arena, not the visitors.
Despite that, we’ve had soundbytes from Alexander Ovechkin…

Ovi says the Leafs need to ‘figure out if they’re playing for themselves or for a Stanley Cup’ and if they want to win they need to play differently
— Yahoo Sports Canada (@YahooCASports) October 29, 2019
and now Drew Doughty…

“Your entire team has to play different… You need to count on every single guy in every situation.”@LAKings Drew Doughty gives his take …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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