Point Man #24 and #25: Conley’s team finally comes together

After Lowry and Conley’s meeting, the latter gets to work putting together his team. In the finale of Vol. 1, you had to know Lowry would make his presence felt though. In the two-page Volume 1 finale, Conley assembles his team to make his move on Silverstern. He’s joined by their inside woman Taurasi, scout Beal, and the muscle, Adams and Aron Baynes. It’s all set: until Lowry drops in.
Catch up on Page 23 of POINT MAN here.
Words: Daniel Reynolds
Art: Michael Kennedy (on Instagram and Twitter)
Page 24
Page 25
Volume 2 of POINT MAN is………. coming soon.

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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