Preseason Post-Game #4: 5 Takeaways vs Buffalo (Again)

The transition from the dog days of the offseason to the dog days of the preseason is truly amazing. It feels like only a few days ago that we were longing for actual hockey. Now, the slog is upon us, folks. And boy, is it ever dragging.
Last night, roughly five actual Maple Leafs and a bunch of Marlies made the trek to the paradise known as Buffalo to take on a Sabres squad that was, quite frankly, indistinguishable from their regular-season product. Those Franken-Leafs lost, unfortunately, dropping the outing by a score of 5-3. But while the outcome may have underwhelmed, a few interesting tidbits to chew on revealed themselves nonetheless.
Let’s break them down.
#1 – Trevor Moore is Really, Really Good
*Wedding speech voice*
“Oxford’s dictionary defines ‘the perfect fourth-liner’ as ‘Toronto Maple Leafs undrafted winger, Trevor Moore’.
We only deal in facts over here, folks. There’s no point in arguing it. I mean, what more can you ask of the kid? Moore is blisteringly fast (which shockingly wasn’t always the case, by the way), treats loose pucks like he’s John Wick avenging the murder of the dog that symbolized his undying love for …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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