Preseason Pre-Game #5: It’s the Habs again

One of the things that always bothers me about the preseason is that the teams the Leafs play are the teams they’ll face another five times this year. Spice things up, give me some Golden Knights or Dallas Stars or any of the other Western Conference teams I forget exist.
Logistically I get that this is a pain in the ass, as most teams want to play their preseason game and quickly get back to their training facility, but dammit, I think stealing baseballs idea of training out of town has a lot of appeal too. The Leafs doing their entire camp in Newfoundland would be fantastic. Have the Habs or someone set up in Halifax, and build a Maritime preseason league similar to the Grapefruit league. We’ll call it the cod league and it will be fantastic.
Anyways, here’s the lineup…

#Leafs lines at morning skate:
— Kristen Shilton (@kristen_shilton) September 25, 2019
Some pregame thoughts…
1. The Spezza vs. Gauthier battle
The fact that the practice lines yesterday listed Spezza and Gauthier as alternating at center is interesting, and it certainly provides some intrigue to see who lines up …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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