Rachel Doerrie’s 5 Thoughts vs Arizona: A New Lease on Life

I mean, Tyson Barrie said it best.
The guys skating around in Leafs sweaters on Thursday night sure looked different than the guys skating around on Saturday. It was a totally different team, from the tactics, to the body language on the bench, to the post-game scrums.
The Maple Leafs won a game. And they didn’t just win, they DOMINATED. In Sheldon Keefe’s first game behind an NHL bench, Maple Leafs fans got a glimpse of what this team could be under a new coach and, ugh….wow.
1) Obvious Adjustments
Okay, so when you only have a morning skate to impart how you want to play on your team, that’s not a ton of time. I say it is probably 3 weeks before the team gets playing how Keefe wants. However, the adjustments right off the hop were obvious.
The deployment of players was evident, using Barrie and Rielly together in offensive situations and putting Dermott and Barrie out there in others. The Leafs were aggressive at both lines, stepping up to keep plays alive in the OZ with tons of rotation and killing plays at the defensive blue line.
There was a relentless pursuit of the puck …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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