Rachel Doerrie’s Pre-Game: 5 Things to Watch For vs Philly

As they say in the dressing room, the boys are buzzing!
The Maple Leafs enter the final game of their homestead on a three-game win streak, which happened to start against these very Flyers. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope tonight’s game doesn’t require an 11-round shootout where only three goals are scored.
According to DailyFaceOff, here’s how the teams are going to line up:


Frederik Andersen is expected to grab the start.
1) Praying for Fun Hockey
The last time these two teams played, the result was high-scoring and fun. Special teams played a prominent factor and the game was free-flowing. A week later, the Leafs have played two of the most boring hockey games in recent memory.
I’m sure Mike Babcock loves it because it is low event, but the people who pay ~$500 to sit in the Scotiabank Arena seats probably don’t feel the same way. I wouldn’t have faulted fans for dozing off during either of the game against LA or Vegas, because it was genuinely boring hockey.
The Flyers, similar to the *regular* Leafs, don’t seem capable of playing boring hockey. In their last five games, either …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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