Ranking the random items the Blue Jays douse themselves in

One of the most endearing Blue Jays moments of the early season was the team dousing Charlie Montoyo in beer after his first big league win. It was a heartwarming show of camaraderie from the players to their brand new manager.
Since that first beer shower on Opening Weekend, this tradition has grown and turned a little weird at times. On Friday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got the dousing treatment after his first Major League game and Elvis Luciano joined the club with his first official win as a pitcher on Sunday.
What started as a simple act of celebration has evolved into a bizarre ritual where players are grabbing whatever they can find in the fridge and dumping it on their teammates. Yes, this is the Blue Jays content you didn’t know you needed today – the official ranking of random items the Blue Jays players have doused their teammates in.
8.) Beer

The “bathing your teammates in beer” thing has been done to death, almost to the point where the postseason beer showers after every series get to be a bit much. But this is one of the rare cases where it was totally warranted to marinade your coach in …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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