Raptors hunt for control of the series in Game 5 vs. the Bucks: Preview, start time, and more

It’s down to a best-of-3 series in the Eastern Conference Finals. Can the Raptors take a commanding lead against the Bucks before heading home? “The Toronto Raptors are two wins away from the NBA Finals”
When Matt Devlin uttered those words after a Game 4 walloping of the Milwaukee Bucks that evened the Eastern Conference Finals at two games apiece, I felt the crushing weight of nearly 25 years of Raptors fandom begin to roll off of my shoulders. Of course as a Raptors fan, that weight immediately began to calcify around my ankles, not yet ready to leave the body. The grip of Raptors failures both in the distant and not-so-distant past feels like it will never truly release the tormented fan base until the team wins a championship; but with Toronto being this close to the pinnacle of the NBA season, we should allow ourselves to bask in the glorious glow of this incredible accomplishment.
And what an accomplishment this series and playoff run has been! Kawhi Leonard is a Raptor. The defense has been suffocating and championship-level. The offense, though sputtering for larger spurts than one would like, is alive and kicking. Moreover, Kyle Lowry continues to show …

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Author: Mitch Orsatti / Raptors HQ

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