Raptors in the Finals: Who’s been here before, and who’s done what?

The Toronto Raptors are heading to the NBA Finals for the first time as a franchise, but not every Raptor is a Finals novice. When the NBA Finals tip-off tomorrow night, perhaps the starkest contrast between these two teams is their Finals pedigree. This is the Raptors’ first-ever Finals appearance, of course, while it’s fifth straight NBA Finals for the Golden State Warriors, who also won the title in 1975 (and made five previous appearances as the San Francisco Warriors and the Philadelphia Warriors).
But on the individual level, the Raptors aren’t all Finals novices! Again, they can’t reach anywhere near the collective experience that the current group of Warriors has, but this Raptors team has three rotation players who’ve been there before — including a certain Fun Guy who’s been playing pretty well these days.
So let’s take a look at what these Raptors have done in their Finals appearances, and then, just for fun, let’s also take a quick trip down memory lane and see how former Raptors have done in the NBA Finals.
Kawhi Leonard
Any discussion of the Raptors’ Finals experience has to start with Kawhi Leonard, the man who famously …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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