Raptors left grasping in Game 2 as Sixers win, 94-89

A slow start, some rough bench play, and bouts of cold shooting put the Raptors in a hole against the 76ers and it cost them Game 2. In case this was still a mystery, in the NBA playoffs you need to have players who can make plays. There has to be a purpose behind their every decision and action, because for the split second in which each discrete event occurs on the court someone is gaining an advantage. And if a team has too many guys playing who aren’t working for those slim margins, and aren’t turning them into something for the team, it’s tough to win. That’s how the Raptors ended up losing Game 2 to the Philadelphia 76ers, 94-89. They often saw angles to attack, but always a touch too late and in too disorganized a fashion.
Unlike Game 1’s explosion, the Sixers managed to keep a lid on Pascal Siakam and Kawhi Leonard in the opening frame. Those were the two main playmakers for Toronto in the series opener, and it’s where there problems began in Game 2. As a result of their ineffectiveness, the Raptors fell behind. And when the Raptors fall behind with …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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