Raptors smash the Magic in Game 2, 111-82

Kawhi and Lowry teamed up to turn the Raptors series around against the Magic with a 111-82 Game 2 win. The pair combined for 59 points, and Orlando had no answer. In retrospect, the cheers for the free throw were probably a bit much. Kyle Lowry had missed his first one, remaining scoreless in the Raptors’ second game of the 2019 NBA playoffs, and it felt like he needed some encouragement. So a roar then, one not often heard for a single free throw, let alone in a game’s first two minutes. Lowry hit the shot, Toronto expanded its lead — one they refused to relinquish throughout their entire Game 2 contest against the Orlando Magic — and went on to win, 111-82. Order restored.
The good vibes in Game 2 for Toronto began with Lowry, but they didn’t end there. Still, the axiom remains true: as he goes, so go the Raptors. After Lowry hit his first three of the series, then finished a spinning jumper, a couple plays at the basket, another three, and some more free throws, it was clear the Raptors were going in the right direction. Lowry finished the half with 15 points, and Toronto never looked back. Their opening 11-0 …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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