Raptors vs. Magic Game 3 Thread: Updates, TV info, and more

The Raptors looked strong in Game 2, but now they head to the Magic Kingdom for the first playoff game in Orlando in seven years. How will Toronto fare? Let’s watch. There’s a certain kinship between the teams of Toronto and Orlando. Yes, the latter franchise actually has been the the Finals a couple of times (despite existing only half a dozen more years than the Raptors), but both generally exist outside the main narrative of the league. Despite the animus we Raptors and Magic fans are supposed to feel for each other in this present moment — what with the squads locked in a 1-1 opening round playoff series — we can also acknowledge this intertwined fate.
We’d be hard-pressed to get the fans in Orlando to admit that now though as they gear up for their first playoff game in seven years. We Raptors fans can relate to that, having survived a five-year drought of our own before the We the North era began in earnest in very late 2013. Prior to that, at the turn of the decade, it was possible to look at the Magic with something approaching envy. They almost tasted gold a decade ago; and …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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