Raptors vs. Magic Game 4 Thread: Updates, TV info, and more

The Raptors are still in Orlando, but they’ve got a 2-1 series lead over the Magic. Can they put this one out of reach or will they… do their usual thing? Let’s watch. With the sweep firmly out of play, there’s still an opportunity for the Raptors to show some signs of dominance in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Celtics just won out 4-0 against the Pacers, the Bucks are well on their way versus the Pistons, and the Sixers are laughing at 3-1 over the Nets. Only Toronto remains at the 2-1 mark on the precipice of either supremacy or another frustratingly long grind.
Not to disregard the Magic, who, it should be said, are playing for their life, the outcome of this series has always been predicated on what the Raptors do. They’re the number two seed, the squad with a realistic dream of the NBA Finals, and owner of a clear talent advantage over Orlando. They’re also the franchise that has won exactly one (1) playoff series in their history in fewer than the maximum amount of games. That was last year against the Wizards, a series they managed to close in six, …

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Author: Daniel Reynolds / Raptors HQ

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