Rasmus Sandin is exactly what the Leafs need now, even if he doesn’t stick all season

With the obvious caveat that we shouldn’t read too much into preseason game results, this training camp for the Leafs has been interesting in a few ways. Toronto had significant roster turnover in the summer, and with these new faces like Spezza, Barrie, Kerfoot, and Ceci, there was a lot to take in about how the lineup would fit together.
It’s always fun to look at a team on paper and make predictions, but usually in the early-going of camp and preseason I find myself second-guessing everything when it looks like all the teams are the same. Now that things have settled out and the Leafs’ real lineup has taken shape, they look proper good from top to bottom, and a big part of that has been the quick emergence of Rasmus Sandin and a step-up in play from Marty Marincin. The two have been pretty clear winners for the 5-6 spots on Toronto’s blue-line, and their style of play is showing to be exactly what the Leafs need in those roles right now.
There’s almost surely a tall ceiling for Sandin to hit, probably sooner than later, but for now it’s tough to argue …

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Author: Ryan Fancey / The Leafs Nation

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