Re-signing Spezza would be nice but far from necessary

As we’ve gone through the countdown of the top Leafs outside the NHL, it’s become abundantly clear that the Leafs have no shortage of secondary offensive talent that can fit into their lineup next season. This is probably a good thing as if we are going to see summer playoff hockey followed by an immediate start of a season, followed by another possible pause, followed by hockey that will likely continue into late next summer, depth will be good. Spezza is some of that depth and if his salary remains controlled that would be a huge advantage for the Leafs.
The positives to bringing Spezza back are fairly obvious…
A) Offense is good, and Spezza provides that with bottom six players. Kapanen is the most skilled player that Spezza played with this year, and to an overwhelming amount compared the rest of the team, seeing 235 minutes with him and 124 minutes with his second most frequent linemate, Freddie Gauthier. Engvall, Petan, Clifford, Timashov, Moore, and Mikheyev were Spezza’s other linemates with over 50 minutes played together last season, and when you consider Spezza was playing 10 minutes a night without offensive juggernauts, his 25 points in 58 games …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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