Reasons why Leafs fans could cheer for the remaining playoff teams

Well, it sucks that we’re at this point of the season, but honestly, should we really be surprised at this point? Come on, it’s the Leafs, they’re only allowed to play one playoff series a year at most, so once the first one is done, that’s it for us.
So, with the Leafs out of the way, some fans will still want to watch the playoffs, and even have a rooting interest for some of the teams. While my rooting interests usually stem through some combination of my bracket, a team’s cup drought, if a team has even won the cup, and sometimes if they have players that I’d like to see win one. Others like to cheer for another Canadian team because for some reason they think a Canadian team winning the Cup is good for Canada even though usually they don’t have a lot of Canadians.
And sometimes, people don’t know who to cheer for, which is why I give you this extremely comprehensive guide to picking a new team for the playoffs, where I’ll give you a reason you …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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