Replacing Kadri

So it looks like the annual tradition of Kadri getting suspended for the majority of the first round is alive and well. Not all traditions are good ones I guess and that’s something to reflect on while watching Coach’s Corner. But I digress.
Kadri is likely done for the first round and Mike Babcock’s immediate solution is to put Nylander with Marleau and Brown.

So that seems like a bad idea. There isn’t really anything optimistic about this trio together. Things start looking a bit better if you combine two of them, and I think there’s a strong case there from Brown and Marleau making up two thirds of a solid fourth line, but it doesn’t seem to work with Nylander. The Leafs would be putting their fourth best forward in a less familiar position and taking away the biggest strength of his game, which is offense and playmaking.
So if Nylander at center with Brown and Marleau is likely to be done after tonight, where do they go from there?
Option 1: My Lines
So here’s where I force you all to look at my line combinations:
This is pretty much etched …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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