Revisiting the Kevin Pillar trade

It’s easy to forget that the Blue Jays traded Kevin Pillar earlier this season. He was one of the final few position players from those 2015 and 2016 playoff teams. It’s also easy to pass over Pillar because he plays the bulk of his games on the west coast.
Pillar is having himself a decent season as a member of the San Francisco Giants. He set a new career high for home runs in a single season and leads all Giants position players with 21 home runs this year. That number would rank as the third most home runs on the Blue Jays this year, too.
As far as counting stats go, Pillar has some decent numbers. In terms of his complete body of work, he’s having a typical Pillar season with a .289 OBP and 89 wRC+. Had he not been traded to the Giants, those are the exact numbers you’d expect from Pillar with the Blue Jays this year.
I was reminded of Pillar and his slightly better-than-average season after this tweet from Dave Church, comparing Pillar’s numbers to Randal Grichuk’s. Their slash lines are eerily similar.

So, Player A is an outfielder, currently rocking a .233/.287/.432 split …

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Author: Ian Hunter / Blue Jays Nation

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