RFAs, the Series: Mitch Marner

Kicking off this year’s RFA contracts series with a bang, it seems most prudent to talk about the star forward on the Maple Leafs who needs a new contract.
All indications point to the Leafs and Marner being pretty far apart at this point in their negotiations, but that gap could close at any point and become a signed contract, or could collapse wider and become a trade. As such, Mitch Marner will be this year’s first RFA contract.
For anyone who hasn’t read this series in the past, the purpose is to discuss the player and their performance, along with their contract comparables, and then use that information to make educated guesses about what their new contract may be. I like to do this with RFAs only, because the team has a lot more control, and are much more likely to stay with the team. Also there’s just not as many of them.
In last year’s series, I began with William Nylander’s pending contract negotiations in a similar concern for prudence. Obviously, that was a misestimation, as it wasn’t until December 1st of that year when he finally signed. Before we get …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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