Ritchie, Liljegren, Holl, Kerfoot; a season of up and downs, with more of them coming

The four players named above have had some of the most eye-opening seasons this year on the Leafs, for different reasons. Nick Ritchie’s season opens your eyes in the way that makes you question whether he’s one of Toronto’s 12 best forwards when everyone is healthy. Timothy Liljegren, on the positive side, has opened our eyes to how confident and effective the young two-way defender can look on the bottom pair. Justin Holl, obviously, earned himself a healthy scratch with seemingly slow and ineffective defending, losing his spot to Liljegren. While Alexander Kerfoot didn’t get off to a great start, his play lately with Mitch Marner has looked electric.
It can’t be questioned that each player’s natural ability has lead them, to some degree, to this point. However, all three of these players have also been affected by things outside of their control. What I want to explore today is statistical regression around, specifically, PDO.
PDO isn’t actually an acronym, though it seems like it would be one. Someone once proposed that it would stand for “Percentage Driven Output”, but that was after the term was already popularized. The name is apt, though: what …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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