Rumours: Campbell and Mikheyev updates, Dubas’ plan, fresh trade bait

In last week’s Rumour post I held out some hope that with scouting meetings wrapping up we might finally see some tangible rumours develop this week. That was wishful thinking and we are still very much at the mercy of a very quiet Leafs organization that doesn’t want to tip their hand one way or another. The silence from the Leafs organization is probably a positive thing and certainly seems more respectful of the players, but on the other hand, it makes me nervous having no idea what could be coming and often leads to raised expectations.
In the spirit of that, let’s start with a refresher from Kyle Dubas’ end of season press availability that spelled out some of what could be explored this summer:
I don’t think that we just want to start making changes that may be lateral or make us inferior as a team just to say that we changed something.
I think this one is a pretty straightforward one and in many ways a throwaway statement. No one goes into a trade trying to get back the same value or trading from an area of need that they’d need to replace with a similar player at a similar cost. I mean, you could do that if you plan gaining assets via trade and then be aggressive in free agency, but there is more risk associated with that approach than GMs like.
I don’t v …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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