Rumours: FoligNO and the Buffalo Fire Sale

Here we are another week closer to the trade deadline, and still somewhat lost in the woods when it comes to what to expect with the trade deadline. Now that we’re just over a month from the deadline we can probably assume the U.S./Canada border won’t magically open up and it’s unlikely that the 14 day quarantine period will go away. With that in mind we will potentially see a lot less cross border shopping, and we’ll see some teams either shop early or decide not to shop at all. Considering that 14 day quarantine period from the trade deadline leaves 7 regular season games where the deadline rental would dress for the Leafs. If Toronto is going to pay a premium for a player, they are either going to want to bring in someone with term, a restricted free agent, or likely want to act early on rentals or get them for next to nothing.
It’s partially that criteria that makes the first rumour even more nonsensical than it already is.
Leafs interested in Nick Foligno?
Okay, so noted Leafs outsider Steve Simmons is not going to be the best source of information on Toronto …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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