Rumours: My Leafs reclamation project addiction

Long before Josh Ho-Sang, years before Alex Galchenyuk, I developed a problem. It is the firm belief that any highly touted prospect or struggling veteran that couldn’t find their footing with their current organization should be acquired by the Leafs on the cheap, and it would be worth seeing if Toronto could turn them around.
As we saw with Nikita Gusev and plenty of others before him, it’s not always the case, but this remains a market that I will continue to bang the drum for, and will feel vindicated as long as I’m right 51% of the time, or when it works out, it really works out well.
That’s why I have a mild obsession with Dylan Strome. Many will remember Dylan Strome as one of the potential targets in the 2015 draft, and there was plenty of debate over whether Marner, Strome, Hanifin, or (LOL) Crouse was the best option for the Leafs. For the record I was on Team Barzal, but everyone in the Marner camp is looking pretty smart as well. Score one for Mark Hunter, I guess.
Anyway, the fact that Strome was taken by the Coyotes just before the Leafs saved them …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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