Scott’s Thoughts: Game 2 vs. Columbus Edition

The Maple Leafs had a lot to prove after Game 1. The highly skilled roster fell victim to Columbus’ offense-stifling system and saw a big goose egg under their name on the scoreboard as a result.
There were a lot of concerns going into Game 2. Would Keefe prove to us he’s not like Babcock and adjust after the first game? Could they solve the neutral zone clog? Would the big names show up? Could the Leafs beat Korpisalo? Another loss, and the team would probably find themselves under a lot of scrutiny down 0-2.
Well, they definitely adjusted
Yeah, Sheldon Keefe is not Mike Babcock. If Babs was still coaching, he’d just tell the pl’y’rs that they gotta be gud pros and keep steady on the rudder or some dumb slogan, and trot out the exact same roster and play the exact same way.
Instead, Keefe adjusted. I already talked about how Engvall drew into the lineup, but Keefe also swapped Marner and Nylander in the top six, and both paid off. Marner’s heavy focus on playmaking (and lack of a shot) complimented Matthews’ shot, while Nylander and Tavares& …

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Author: Scott Maxwell / The Leafs Nation

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