Should Nikita Gusev and/or Josh Ho-Sang make the Leafs roster?

The Leafs announced yesterday that they will be bringing former New Jersey Devil and Florida Panther Nikita Gusev on for a Professional Try-Out (PTO) this training camp. The PTO allows the Leafs to bring the player officially into their training camp, without offering them a contract for the season yet.
They also announced that Joshua Ho-Sang would be brought in on a PTO as well, much earlier in the offseason.
The question I want to answer today is: would either of those players fit onto the Leafs this year? More specifically, are they good enough to warrant being signed to a contract?
Gusev has almost 100 games in the NHL, mostly with the Devils. While being rather new to the NHL, Gusev is actually 29 years old, so he’s on the sunset end of his hockey career. Before coming to North America, he had a solid career in Russia’s KHL. Having achieved success there, he seems determined enough to make it in the NHL that he’s willing to come to Leafs training camp without a contract, rather than just go play in Russia again.
Ho-Sang is 25 and at the point where either he’s going to make a full …

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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