Should the Leafs consider trading for Victor Olofsson?

Following Saturday’s defeat at the hands of the Bruins, the Sabres’ winless streak is now at 17 games, which is two away from setting an NHL record. That is 32 days between their previous win on February 23rd against the Devils. So to say that things are not going well in Buffalo these days would be putting it mildly.
Despite the foul stench that the organization is leaving, there are still plenty of intriguing pieces that contending teams might want to snag up before the trade deadline. Eric Staal has already been dealt with Montreal and many others (such as Taylor Hall, Sam Reinhart, Brendon Montour, and Jack Eichel) have been involved in trade rumours throughout the past few weeks. Considering how bad things have gotten, it is entirely possible that no player is safe and everyone could be on the move.
So for a team like the Leafs still looking to make a splash, the Sabres seem like the perfect trading partner due to the asking price of their players going down substantially. Hall may be the player garnering the most attention from the fanbase, but perhaps Victor Olofsson might be the better fit for the team both now and …

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Author: Michael Mazzei / The Leafs Nation

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