Should the Leafs trade a top prospect?

Now that the Leafs are off again until Thursday it’s pretty easy to switch back into trade mode. Kyle Dubas has put it out to the world that he’s trying to make something happen, and he even put the scarier notion out to the world that he’s willing to part with a top prospect in order to get the deal done. It was in that spirit I asked our distinguished panel if the Leafs should be parting with one of their top prospects, and if they are, who would they be willing to let go.
Michael Mazzei:
I am usually hesitant to move a top prospect, but this season is the perfect opportunity to deal at least one of them away to get back a player that will be an immediate boost to the lineup. The Leafs have a legitimate chance to go deep into spring and they should be looking at every opportunity to do just that. The only one of their top prospects worth dealing away would be Timothy Liljegren due to him being close to NHL-ready and would be an enticing enough piece for teams to consider acquiring. The same obviously goes for the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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