Should the Maple Leafs recoup draft picks for the 2022 NHL draft?

Out with the old, in with the new—it’s something the Maple Leafs are constantly looking at doing.
But does it make sense for the upcoming draft this summer?
Toronto is, for the foreseeable future, in a window of Stanley Cup contention (or first-round win contention). It’s always wise in this timeframe to take a step back and look at what you have for the future. And at the moment, the Maple Leafs only have three draft picks for 2022.
A first, a third, and a seventh.
This year’s NHL draft is arguably the deepest that we’ve had in recent years, so it’s allowed some to be comfortable with Toronto having three picks. Along with that, the Maple Leafs didn’t seem to flinch when making their three picks last year, which has added even more comfortability to the process.
Those picks were solid, too.
But in a draft this good, wouldn’t you rather stretch yourself a little further to get a few more picks? Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas hasn’t been afraid to trade up and down the draft with his picks, yet …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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