Should the Toronto Maple Leafs win the draft lottery, here’s how Alexis Lafreniere could impact them

The dreaded time has come for Toronto Maple Leafs fans. It’s officially the offseason for the Leafs after losing their qualifying round on Sunday night to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Not making the playoffs may sting for the team, but it’s already time to turn the tide and look towards one last glimmer of hope–the draft lottery.
As though this year hasn’t made things weird enough, the Leafs have found themselves in the draft lottery despite being one of the league’s better teams. The lottery starts at 6 p.m. EST on Monday and Leafs fans do not want to miss out.
The Leafs chances
Monday night’s Phase Two draft lottery is an interesting case highlighting the odd season 2020 has put us all in. While Toronto typically wouldn’t find themselves in the draft lottery, this year’s whacky format gives the Leafs a one-in-eight chance of winning the number one overall pick.
On Friday, I broke down the Leafs chances of winning the draft lottery in more detail. Simply put, the Phase One lottery, which took place back in June, determined that one of the eight …

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Author: Matthew Rodrigopulle / The Leafs Nation

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