Steve Briere’s departure means anything can happen with the Leafs goaltending

Coming out of the season it seemed that Steve Briere was a popular scapegoat for many and he had to shoulder the blame for the Leafs goaltending shortcomings as it didn’t seem to be limited to just one netminder. To some extent, I’m sure some criticism is warranted, but at the same time, many of us don’t know much about Steve beyond his attempted defense of Frederik Andersen in All or Nothing that Sheldon Keefe wasn’t wanting to hear.
No matter what Steve’s involvement in the goaltending situation of late has been, he certainly doesn’t shoulder the ineffectiveness of development that we’ve seen dating back into the 90s, and it’s far from a certainty that a new goaltender coach (and/or Director of Goaltending) change things overnight for the Leafs between the pipes. What is certain is that things will change as the goaltending community certainly have strong and often varying opinions.
It’s time for the Maple Leafs to hire a Director of Goaltending and give that position a seat at the table

The fact that we don’t know who will be calling the shots (Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek speculated on Michael Leighton and Dan Cloutier), and we can likely assume it’s not Mitch Korn (who is employed by Washington but is the name everyone knows to mention when it comes to goaltending coaches) we can assume that given that most goaltending coaches have certain styles and techniques they excel at, they will likely want to bring in goaltenders that mirror what works best for them.
Does this open the door to a Jack Campbell return or close it?
The answer is yes. Odds were that given that Campbell had success under Briere he stood a good chance of being a good fit to continue working with the Leafs coach, and in that sense, the door is closing. It’s also worth considering that the Leafs seemed to be leaning towards moving on from Campbell, and a new coach who finds Jack the best of the available options to work with could pu …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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