Tactical Issues: How will the Raptors and Bucks adjust in Game 4?

The Raptors outlasted the Bucks in Game 3’s double overtime. But it’s easy to expect the Bucks to play harder. What’s more, both teams could make some changes heading into Game 4. The Raptors came out swinging, but the Milwaukee Bucks just would not give up the game easily on Sunday night. What started as a fast-paced affair became a for the rest of the game. It was an intense battle of resilience, and the Raptors came out on top in Game 3.
Now, can the Raptors do it again to tie the series? For the Bucks, can they unlock all of their key players before the Raptors figure out how to handle the rest of Milwaukee’s supporting cast?
For the Bucks
The Bucks failed to get the trio of Eric Bledsoe-Khris Middleton-Giannis Antetokounmpo going — and that’s saying something. If not for their supporting cast, the Raptors would have run away with the win in a more comfortable fashion, relatively speaking.
The Bucks felt the Raptors’ defensive pressure throughout the game, as they were forced to take shots on the low end of the ideal shot spectrum of coach Mike Budenholzer’s offense, e.g. in isolation or …

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Author: JD Quirante / Raptors HQ

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