Leafs fans Abruzz over Leafs prospect Nick Abruzzese winning ECAC Rookie of the Year

Wow! Was this the news you were expecting to see come across your feed today?

Maybe if you follow NCAA hockey more closely than I!
2019 Leafs fourth-round pick Nick Abruzzese (no known correct pronunciations) had a heck of a rookie campaign at Harvard University, leading both the team and the entire ECAC with 44 points in his 31 games. On Thursday, he was named the ECAC Rookie of the Year, despite Harvard saying he won the Rookie fo the Year.

No rookie at Harvard has ever had more points (44) since Ted Donato was named head coach in 2004. It was a special year for Nick Abruzzese! #GoCrimson
: Abruzzese Named ECAC Hockey Rookie fo the Year https://t.co/fN8okN9ybv pic.twitter.com/mBRucotbyO
— Harvard Men’s Hockey (@HarvardMHockey) March 19, 2020

Leading any 12-team conference in scoring is impressive, especially one that’s filled with Ivy League kids. We don’t pretend to know anything more about this kid than what we found on Google, but  there are far worse D+1 performances to have come out of the fourth round for the Leafs. Or the first round, for that matter. Another win for Dubas!
Here’s a video Harvard …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

Rewriting The Script

Here we go again.
The exasperated sighs rang out across Leafs Nation yesterday afternoon, as the Leafs ultimately fell 4-2 to the Boston Bruins, in a game that saw them squander an early lead to a miserable penalty kill that allowed the Bruins to score twice on their first two attempts in the game.
With Game 7 scheduled for tomorrow night at 7pm in Boston, the team will have one final shot to rewrite the script, and put the Bruins away.
One chance to rewrite the script everything – Game 7 and all – isn’t that appropriate?
What Doesn’t Need Rewriting
Before getting into what needs to change, let’s set a few things straight.

Some of y’all are reacting like the Leafs just got swept 4-0 rather than being tied in a close series between two of the league’s top teams.
— Draglikepull (@draglikepull) April 21, 2019
The Leafs have been good in this series at playing their game. Through six games, the Leafs have outscored Boston 11-8 at 5v5, and – unlike last year – have allowed their speed and skill to dictate the course of most games. The Leafs have come ready to play in four of their six games in this …

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Author: ThatsKappy / The Leafs Nation